Hello! My nane is Diana and welcome to CallMeAmaesing.com.

I grew up watching cooking episodes with Julia Child and Jacques Pepin instead of watching Nickelodeon cartoons. Band practice was the after school activity rather than joining a sports team, and with it came my new wooden clarinet, piano lessons, and nerve racking recitals. During school, I preferred sketching the pictures from each chapter in the history book than reading the content. Library trips included loans from the “how to” section:  drawing, paper folding, coloring, cooking, baking, and other various crafts. Now my musical instrument collection has expanded threefold, and more hobbies have taken stage such as knitting, scrapbooking, jewelry making, and cake decorating.

I made this website to put all of my baking creations, crafting, inspirations, and traveling adventures all in one place.

Hope you enjoy reading!

- Diana

About the Author

My name is Diana. I'm a young woman that lets my curiosity run wild. I craft, I cook, I explore, and afterwards I reflect. Welcome to my blog!