DIY – Fabric Button Earrings

UPDATE: I have since then created a whole set of earrings now up on Etsy. Read more and see showcase

About a year ago, my artsy friend (I tend to have a lot of them), showed me a pair of cute earrings that was made of fabric. It was adorable, cute, and perfect. It was just the thing I needed. Until I forgot about it for several months.

About a week ago, I had the sudden urge to make them.

Am I really that impulsive?
Let’s not answer that question. My credit card statement might have something to say about it.

I browsed the web and found some good online tutorials to make these cute Fabric Button Earrings. After work, I headed to the fabric store to find cute, tiny prints, earring posts, metal glue, and some button cover kits. Of course, if you have scrap fabric laying around at home, you can omit the fabric-purchasing part.

But you’re talking about me.

And my impulsive habits.

You don’t need anymore than 1/8th of a yard, or 1/16th of a yard for that matter.

I’m just happy being impulsive.

What else you need:

  • flat front post earrings
  • covered button blanks/ button cover kit, size #20 tends to work well
  • wire cutters
  • scissors
  • fabric shears
  • craft glue that fixes to fabric, metal, wood, etc (this one here is E-6000)
  • earring backs

Start by cutting your fabric into small pieces. It will save you time and energy rather than cutting them out one at a time. This way you can keep a pile of these fabric “squares” handy whenever you’re ready to make the next pair. Just make sure that your fabric pieces are smaller than the circle pattern located on the back of your button making kit.

This way will also make you more organized so you can focus on one thing at a time.

Follow the pattern on the button kit and cut approximate circles that match the circle size.

I like the word approximate. It makes me feel better that I’m a lazy non-perfectionist.

Here’s a tip too. Since the button covers usually have a piece of metal that sticks out for the purpose of sewing these buttons on clothes, you want to take it out. That way, it will give you a flat surface to work with when you glue the earring posts on them. Use a wire cutter to grab the ends and extract carefully. I realized that this needed to be done after I already placed the fabric on the button. It’s easier before you make your button to extract the metal.

Once all that’s done, you’re ready to make some fabric covered buttons.

Grab a fabric circle.

Find the very bottom of your button maker. It should look like this one.

Place your fabric, downward facing, on the rubber button base.

Find your metal button cover and put it face down.

Push everything down. With the fabric edges, start gathering and pushing all the edges inward.

Then place the second button cover. the one where you took the wire out,  on top.

Then use your button pusher (included in kit), and place on top of everything.

Use your God-given strength to push down. When you think you’re finished pushing, push more.

And when you look inside, this is what you should see.

Push out your newly covered button. And there is your fabric button!

To make earrings, take your super strong glue, and your flat post earrings.

Take a small tab of glue and adhere it to the back of the button. Add your earring post, making sure you keep it centered.

For those who want a flush earring with the back of your post, just find a small circular button that will fit within your fabric button and glue as needed to heighten the base (as you can see a few buttons in the background of the picture).

I decided that gluing a button was unnecessary for my own earrings. So I just went ahead with the glue.

As you can also see, I’m using gold earring posts. I could not find flat silver posts. And I searched two craft stores. I might check a third this weekend.

Let them dry overnight, or for at least 8 hours before wearing.

And there you have it! Fabric Covered Button Earrings!

Try them on a variety of fabrics and patterns! They’re adorable!

Want to purchase a pair of these? Fabric Covered Earrings are posted on my Shop!

UPDATE: I have since then created a whole set of earrings now up on Etsy. Read more and see showcase

Happy Crafting!

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