Make Your Own Cupcake Ornaments

I found directions on how to make these cute cupcake ornaments and decided to give it a shot myself. I think these mini cupcakes are just adorable. They’re lightweight so it won’t weigh your tree down, you can make in variety of colors, and glittery. Basically, it’s just perfect. Did I mention it was a cupcake?

What you need:

Styrofoam Balls
- 2.5″ size for regular cupcakes
- 1.5″ size for mini cupcakes
Heavy-Duty foil cupcake liners
Standard 2″ size
- Miniature Size
Artificial Snowflakes
Artificial floral berry sprigs (in assorted sizes)
Bakers Twine or Ribbon
White Craft Glue
Foam or paint brush
Hot Glue

Open up your package of cupcake liners, styrofoam balls, and confetti. I used a plastic plate to keep my things organized. Place a good dollop of craft glue in one small compartment of your plate.

Pour half of your confetti bag in the large section of the plate. This is where you will be rolling your styrofoam into, so you need lots of space to catch the excess confetti.

With your foam brush, paint the upper 2/3 of the ball with a good coating of white craft glue. Grab the bottom half, which should be glue-free, and roll the top around the confetti pile until the ball is fully covered.

Run a circle of glue around the top inside of the liner and place your cupcake ball inside, frosty side up. Cup your hands and press gently around the edges to glue the liner on snugly.  Do not push the ball down too far or the bottom will curve and your cupcake will not sit flat.

While the cupcake is drying, take our your baker’s twine and your floral berries.

Cut the string into 5″ sections.

And with your scissors, cut off each berry from the bunch. Be sure to leave about 1″ of the stem intact. This will help you place the “cherry” on the cupcake and keep it in place. Use the 5″ string and tie a knot at the base of the berry.

Dab a small piece of hot glue on the base of your “cherry” stem and then place on the top of your cupcake.

And there you have it. A cupcake ornament. Now you can go ahead and decorate your tree. You will feel complete. Or if you’re anything like me, you might have urges to turn on the oven and whip up a batch of yellow cake mix. Or you might have urges to make more of these.

And because I can’t help myself from making more of these, I decided to… well… make more.

And before you know it, half of your Christmas tree is covered in mini cupcakes. And your comfy workout pants are covered in white confetti. And it’s too late to consider changing out of them before you go to bed.

I also found these clear plastic ornaments from the craft store and created this adorable cupcake wonderland ornament with snow on the bottom. I can see myself making more of these…I am absolutely in love with these cupcakes. Have you found out that I have a cupcake obsession yet?

Keep a lookout on my products page to purchase these cute cupcake ornaments in a variety of colors and sizes! They’re also great as gift tag charms for any time of the year!

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