New Fabric Button Earrings now on Etsy

Happy Wednesday, friends!

Here’s my shameless plug post in the middle of my Barcelona travel stories. About a year ago, I posted a tutorial on how to make fabric button earrings, which was well received from a lot of people. During the same time, I opened my Etsy store and kicked things off the ground with things that I love to make. I wanted to announce that my Etsy shop is now in full swing. It’s actually pretty exciting getting orders from all over the country, and even some overseas. That puts a huge smile to my face that you guys enjoy my things! It also makes me run into my room and have a loud techno dance session…in all seriousness.

It’s a little scary starting a small business on your own as well as maintaining a well kept blog with amazing readers like you all. So I hope as I grow, then you can grow with me. I appreciate all your comments and I also welcome suggestions in the future.

So here’s my little Etsy showcase to you all. Some of my biggest sellers.


 Light Green with White Polka Dot Fabric Button Earrings

You guys have good taste. This pair is also my favorite, and turns out to be the top seller. I am in love love love with the light sage color. I will also mention that each pair of earrings from my shop will be packaged in a 4×4 cotton-filled kraft jewelry box. And also bubble wrapped and placed in a sturdy corrugate box. My favorite part of packing your orders is definitely putting the corrugate boxes together. They ship flat from the vendor so it looks like a pancake before you pop it out and tape it together. SO. MUCH. FUN!

But aren’t they so adorable? You can match them pretty much for almost any outfit.

Autumn Colored Mini Square Earrings

I love these. Autumn colors are my favorite. Autumn is my favorite. We can skip 8 months of this useless weather please and go straight for fall again.

This is a picture of the underside the earrings. I use surgical stainless steal studs and backs.

What about these Blue and White Tweed earrings? For some reason I feel like this should be worn at work maybe. But still can go as casual. I also think tea parties. Anyone want to come to a tea party with me?

These are neat too White and Orange Leaf Pattern earrings. Organic-y and hip.

Pink with Silver Splatter earrings. I love how these are so shimmery against the light.

I love these two geometric ones. This one is probably my second favorite one. I have a bad habit of placing my earrings randomly throughout my purses when I want to take them out. And these keep getting found where I keep my spare change. Bad habit. I should really try to stop.

Here are the same ones in green. Second top seller in my shop.

These are just a sample, I hope I enticed you enough to browse the rest on my Etsy store. Thank you for enduring this plug. And back to our regular TV programming. Where I found my love of paella in a small restaurant in Barcelona. I will also be sharing some amazing news about CallMeAmasesing with you all in a short while!

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