Cookie Monster Cupcakes

I found this cool recipe online on how to make Cookie Monster Cupcakes. Me and my brother decided to give it a shot.

All you need is a batch of cupcakes (chocolate preferred), mini Chips Ahoy cookies, frosting (powered sugar to stiffen if you get store bought frosting), piping bag, coupler, piping tip #233 (grass tip), and some food coloring.

Bake a batch of cupcakes according to the box. I suggest adding an additional tablespoon or so of batter to each tin to make the cupcake more rounded. I’d say about more than 3/4ths full. So when they come out they should have a dome on top. Not like these cupcakes. My brother made them.

When completely cooled, begin to frost each cupcake with a thin layer of frosting. This helps the blue “hair” of Cookie Monster stick better to the cake. Use a sharp knife to cut out a wedge of where the mouth would go, and be sure to eat all the scraps.

Then stick a Mini Chips Ahoy cookie in each of Cookie Monster’s mouths. If you find any broken pieces, be sure to eat all the scraps.
nom nom nom..
Take the remaining can of frosting and use your blue icing color to mix in. Add about six tablespoons of powered sugar to thicken the frosting. Fill piping bag with coupler and tip #233, then add your blue frosting.

Begin frosting all around the cupcake with the grass tip, making sure he’s covered thoroughly.

Cookie Monster sure is shaggy…

Note: I’ve also seen Cookie Monster cupcakes made with dyed sweet coconut shavings instead of frosting. Since I’m not a huge fan of coconut, I decided that frosting was the right way to go. Plus you get to lick all of the scraps..

Now he just needs some eyes.

Wilton white candy melts are perfect for eyes. Take each disk and use chocolate frosting for each pupil. Then place them on the cupcake, making sure that each eye is facing a different direction. it’s weird to say but it’s true. Cookie monster doesn’t look right with sane eyes.

One down, many more to go…

All done!!!

Happy Baking!

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