Martini Night

What’s better than hanging out with your friends in the middle winter?

I have the answer.

After the holidays, winter is no more fun. It’s the time where you wish the cold weather will go away and you cuss the conditions for giving you the flu. This is when the rest of the world has no more holiday spirit in them. This is when they cut back on savory dishes and hit the gym on a daily basis. They forget about ‘ol Santa and the reindeer and holiday lights until the end of another year.

This is the perfect time to retaliate on society’s terrible traditions and celebrate!

Com’on everyone, get up from your sad sofa and make a gingerbread house. Buy a tree and put it up. Knock on the neighbors door and sing them carols.

OK fine.

How do I deal with the after-holiday dread? My friends and I held off exchanging Christmas presents for a solid month, up until last week. To me, Christmas was still alive in January. There’s something about still having holiday wrapping paper out in the living room in the middle of January that makes my heart flutter. So last week, we all met up and had our annual homemade Christmas exchange.

What’s better than getting presents in January?

Making it a martini night as well.

So in honor of our love for boozahol, my friends and I decided to have a martini making night after our annual Christmas Exchange. Instructions were to bring over whatever alcohol was lying around at home and garnishes that would complement ingredients for martini making, such as fruits, drink mixes, juice, and of course, gummi bears.

Now, I’m about to show you how to make martinis. Please take caution, as we have no prior bartending experience. I call this “Martinis Our Way”. The amount of alcohol added to the following drinks may have been overkill. Surprisingly, they all tasted delicious.

I mean..

Drinking is bad for you.

Don’t do it.


Run away now.

Our great host made a cute setup with party martini glasses, snacks, and a film projector that hooked up to the television. Luckily for us, Pretty Woman, one of my favorite movies, was playing that night.  And luckily for me, the Pretty Woman played back to back.

I can never get enough Julia Roberts.

Now let’s get the party started. You will find all the ingredients needed to make each martini shown on this post.

Not that, ya know, I advocate drinking or anything.

And a cheers to Christmas.

Martini #1

Blue atom Bomb: Blue pucker, mango Bacardi rum, pineapple Bacardi rum, sprite and Citron vodka topped with a blackberry

Oh yes we did

Oh yes we did

Martini #2 (Our personal Favorite!)

Christmas in January: Sprite, 99 Blackberries, cranberry grape juice, and topped with gummies


the gummi bears make it double yum

What’s better than getting Christmas presents in January and having a martini night while watching Pretty Woman on television?

Not much.

But yes. There is one thing.

Doing crafts too. Christmas exchange/martini night/Pretty Woman/Craft night.

You see that pile of fabric in the corner of the picture? I brought over some crafts to make button earrings with my friends. And it was a blast. I love having crafty friends.

But let’s not forget the martinis.

Martini #3

Samba in Georgia: Fruit punch Capri Sun, 99 peaches, Malibu mango, sprite and gummies

The gummi bears still make me giggle

Martini #4

Monkeys Wet Dream:  Banana schnapps, pineapple coconut schnapps, sprite, and strawberry

This time, we used blackberries and a green apple twizzler.

I think we inhaled all the gummi bears at this point. Otherwise they’d be swimming in this pool of deliciousness.

Martini #4

You say Grapele I say Grapple: 99Grapes, Cranberry juice, and sprite topped with 2 blackberries and a sour apple twizzler

What’s better than Christmas exchange/martini night/Pretty Woman/Craft night?

I really can’t think of anything.

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