Barcelona University

This might be a weird question, but have you guys ever missed going to college? I’m not talking about the amount of friends that you make, the late night pizza delivery and cheap bar deals. I’m talking about the physical setting of school. Now that I have graduated and moved away from campus, I sometimes think about how I miss walking around the tree lined quad, getting lost trying to find the correct lecture hall, and  yelled at for walking along the bike lane.

This is the University of Barcelona – where my two friends attended during their sophomore year of college. In the picture they look contemplative. It’s a look of sadness and awe for being in the exact location three years ago. I’m going to admit right now that it trumps my campus by a million points.

It’s so beautiful. There’s trees everywhere, the lecture hall buildings deserve architecture awards.

And it’s literally in the heart of Barcelona. You can step outside and be in the middle of everything. Shopping, great restaurants, and Gaudi buildings are just blocks away. Now who’s complaining?


Me. I’m complaining. I’m kicking myself for not studying abroad when I had the chance. I mean, LOOK at this place!


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