Bosque Palermo’s Paella – First Love


While in Barcelona, I had a list of things that we just had to do. You know, the basic tourist list. But since both of my friends already had been here studying abroad, I had to condense my list down to just a handful of things. I was actually ok with that since I hated the Euro as a currency. When you want to buy something and then do the conversion in your head it makes you want to vomit in your mouth. Then you walk away empty-handed from a shoe store depressed. Sobbing.

But one thing I didn’t want to skimp on that I made sure to have on my list was to try paella. More like engulf paella at lightning speed. But from where? Barcelona is packed with restaurants that specialize in paella. Our secret was actually the hostel staff. They were so amazing, informational, personable, and the owner had a maternal quality to her. Amazing woman.


She told us of this place not too far from our hostel that served the best paella at a decent price. It’s a hidden gem type of places, quietly tucked outside the main streets. Bosque Palermo sells a variety of tapas, specializes in paella, and 3 Euro bottles of house wine. Winning.

We got seated upstairs. This is the view from the tiny top floor that housed two tables. So cute. So you see it’s a small place. From the picture you can see that it is a quieter, more relaxed type of restaurant. The small bar in the back that also serves tapas with their wines. You can see the older men having a late snack before heading home. My new goal in life is to be one of those guys, a regular at this restaurant. That would be the life!

For an appetizer, we got the traditional pan tomate, and ordered a paella de mariscos para dos for the main course. Being 3 Euros a bottle, of course we had to get the house wine too. Both Kesha and Elissa both agreed that we should just start off ordering just one bottle first. I disagreed. I wanted at least two. But majority ruled. I need to make more non-responsible friends.


I decided to share these pictures of myself at the restaurant and my enthusiasm for 3 Euro bottle house wine. I was extremely excited. Overly excited. Look at how I firmly grasp the bottle.

A short while later, our paella came. The smell was great, and the plating was spectacular. At that moment it seemed to me that the dish resembled a dancing seafood synchronized routine. Muscles dancing around the outer edge with their giant mouth open singing “Eat me! Ooooohh whyy you’ll love us!” while the shrimp form a blooming flower with its star performer in the middle. Coming to Broadway 2017- coming up with character stories.

All joking aside, this paella was so good. You can taste the seafood is fresh. The bomba rice mixture was hearty, thick, and so fragrant with the seafood stock. Oh we must have gobbled this up in just minutes. But I will admit it was mostly me. Almost all me. Pretty much me.

This place was such a good find. I thank the hostel so much for their personal suggestions – they’re always spot on. After our meal we all sat around the table having the after dinner stare, and finished up our second bottle of wine! Yes, I said second!


Happy eating!

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