Everything’s Comin’ Up Tulips

Happy Easter to all my readers out there today! I hope that your day was filled with sunshine, good food, and an overdose of chocolate bunnies. And Starburst jellybeans. And bite size Snickers. And packages of bunny Peeps. Of course I couldn’t …wait..wouldn’t…wait…didn’t eat all that in one sitting… right…

Even though it’s the beginning of the season, I always had in my head that Easter was the pinnacle of Spring. Everyone decorates with pastel colors, the pretty bright colored clothing gets worn, and in addition there are flowers everywhere. Tulips always tend to surprise me every year because I forget how early they start to bloom. This year I started to see tulips in my neighborhood weeks ago.

In a slowly failing attempt to get back into decent fitness, I started to go running around the neighborhood. And since I am planning on moving out to a different part of the city next month, I figured it would be good to have seen the many streets and many beautiful houses that surround my apartment for the last few times. So with my old tie-dye t-shirts, Nike shorts and iPhone armband, I string my apartment key through my shoelace and attempt to place one foot after another in a pace equivalent to your grandma’s walk.

Minutes later I am probably keeling over on the crosswalk or have given up jogging completely. My “runs” usually consist of 10% actual jogging and 90% walking around looking like I’m about to die. But on the bright side, after I catch my breath I get to leisurely stroll around the block and admire all the pretty flowers and trees that have started to bloom. These flowers were taken from my phone just a few weeks ago after I had given up trying to do an 17-minute mile run. Pretty aren’t they?

These tulips were taken on a shopping trip with my friend Cassie a few weeks ago on State St. If you know me at all, you know that my spending habits aren’t the greatest. And if there’s one thing that you should know about my friend Cassie, then you should think of the same thing. The two of us combined on State St. should be against the law because we did some major damage. We always tell each other that we should never go shopping together by ourselves because we know the end result would leave us broke for weeks and eating ramen until our next paycheck – but we always end up doing it anyways. Our excuse was that the shoe section was on sale. But I’m sure that the economy was kicked up because of the two of us. With four bags in each hand I managed to snap some of these beautiful tulips that decorate downtown Chicago.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend! And if you haven’t already it’s time to dust off the grill! Great weather comes great grilling.

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