Gofres in Barcelona

There’s something about walking by the sea during a sunset. I haven’t quite put my finger on it, but the air is different. Fresh, breezy, with a hint of salt. The sky is brighter to, as you can see in this picture. One of the last days in Barcelona before heading towards our next leg of the journey was to walk along the lower end of La Rambla on the Passeig de Colom.

You can see on the right side of the picture the famous statue of Christopher Columbus as he points towards the new world. I guess his mother never taught him that it is rude to do so. This was the route along the sea after we stopped for more bocadillos and cava at the famous and crowded Champagneria. At this point, my stomach is regretting ever being part of my body and my friends decided that it would be best to grab some fresh air after stuffing our faces and being in an extremely crowded, claustrophobic bar.

The Port de Barcelona. Amazing looking building.

I also took this picture of the plaza in front of the Port. I like this picture a lot. Reminds me of Callibotte’s painting, Paris, a Rainy Day. Only exception is that this is in Barcelona. And the streets are completely dry. This plaza is located right by the sea. On the other side is the pier. If you turned around and walked fifty feet you’d be underwater. But – if you turned around and walked twenty feet away you’d encounter a gofre stall. And before I realized it, both Kesha and Elissa were in line to get their gofres.


I snapped a picture of my friend Kesha as she buys her gofre. Look at the giant smile across her face. It’s one of the few times she allowed me to snap a picture of her with her utmost consent.

What is a gofre?. Very similar looking to a waffle, but the batter is thicker, sweeter, heavier, and it is cooked for a longer period of time to get a good crisp on it. Also it’s different than a waffle in that is it not a breakfast food. It’s a dessert. A sweet snack of sorts. Think of  the funnel cake stall at the amusement parks and outdoor festivals. Yes, you know what I’m talking about. The stall you try to avoid walking past but eventually end up going back for seconds. I believe you can get a variation of things put on a gofre, but I guess the favorite with my friends is just dulce de leche.

We plopped ourselves down along the edge of the pier to watch the sunset across the sea with our delicious treats in hand. And just as I liked, this spot was great for people watching.

The walkways were dotted with all sorts of people trying to also catch the sunset.

And what a beautiful sunset it was.


Don’t have a passport? Go get one and see the world!

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