H2O Warehouse Sale

About a month ago (I know, I’m late with writing my posts) H20+, a water-based, natural beauty product with ingredients derived from the sea, had its annual warehouse sale. Items were on sale from 50-80% off. Let’s just say going to things like this sets (along with hobbies such as scrapbooking and baking) me back a few steps on trying to moving out.

Anyways, the sale went on from 7am-3pm. Luckily, I spotted this event around 1:00pm and made it in the building for about 45 minutes of shopping. Cardboard boxes with a string pulley replaced shopping carts. You’d not be surprised that my box was not dragging well due to how heavy it ended up being.

Even an hour before closing it was still pretty busy. There was a lady who had 4+ boxes that she was pulling around, just grabbing products in bulk and throwing them in. I wonder what her receipt looked like.
Well this is my purchase. Some of the stuff I’ve already started using (notice the half empty blue shower gel in the back left)
Hand and Nail Cream
Almond collection body balm
Spa collection shampoo and conditioners

Lip oasis gloss
Tanning lotion
Face scrubs
Naturalizing face gel
Gift bag of the Spa collection body wash and lotion
Here’s my arrangement of body scrubs and gels. I love the natural spring scent, it smells wonderful! And face toner. And the H20 perfume is awesome too, I had to buy two of them because I loved them so much.

Somebody teach me how to spend wisely.

Just kidding. Don’t.

Theses were cute spa/milk collection items in a handy gift box. $2.50 each, or was it $5.

Oh Well.

Oh you see that giant white gallon tub in the corner right? That’s a gallon of body lotion. Yeah. I said it. It was crazy cheap and I had to buy it. Anyone need some I’ll be happy to portion it off to friends, I’m sure I won’t use it all by the time it expires.

Body mists, face sprays, the list goes on!

Don’t you think I go a little overboard?

Ah whatever.

See you all at the next warehouse sale! be sure to clear out some trunkspace.

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