I’m Traveling!

Christmas is over. I’m actually kind of sad. There was not a drop of snow on the ground, and the mild weather has not been helping much at all either. But with my favorite holidays coming to an end (Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas), I’m happy to report to you all that I’m actually going on a trip to end the new year.

This, my friends, is the wonderful city of Barcelona. I will be flying out tomorrow afternoon and will be counting down to the new year in Spain. I’m really excited. I’m traveling with two friends who have actually¬†studied¬†abroad there before, so it’s less study work for me to find my way around town and working on my Spanish again.

And the food! Oh. my. god. the. food.

#1 Awesome thing about friends – They have experience on things you don’t know yet. So you can use them when you need to.

The wonderfulness doesn’t stop there. I will also be traveling to Marrakech, Morocco on the 1st of January. I will be staying there for a few days before heading back to Barcelona. This trip excites me the most. Oh, just thinking of al the shopping I will be doing gives me the chills. And the food! Oh. my. god. the. food. My friend wasn’t too keen on traveling to Marrakech at all, but that’s the second awesome things about friends.

#2 Awesome thing about friends: You can persuade most of them to do things they don’t want to do. Which includes taking a two day camel tour through Moroccan deserts.



I have to pack. I really have to pack. I’m leaving tomorrow and I haven’t packed yet!


Really pumped.


See you all in 2012!!

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