La Sagrada Familia and Tapas

Barcelona is a BEAU-TI-FUL city. It’s rustic. It has history. Their Spanish dialect tickles my insides. While I was visiting, I had to see the Sagrada Familia. No exceptions. Even if it meant giving up some shopping time to do so – I just had to. Sorry Zara.

We decided to visit the Sagrada Familia in the morning while we thought the line would be shorter to get inside. Wrong as usual. This a picture of my two friends walking away from me because they’re too tired to wait for me to take pictures of everything. It was too early to stop and pose. We did have to make it to the building before the lines got long.

Since the Sagrada Familia is so massive in size, we could see parts of the building as we approached from blocks away. Even after his death, Gaudi’s masterpiece is still being worked on. Although Kesha and Elissa said that there has been a lot done to it since the last time they visited,  there’s still scaffolding and cranes on both sides of the facade that prevent you from taking a beautiful finished picture.

But nonetheless it’s Gaudi. And it’s the Sagrada Familia.

And although the bright yellow cranes detract from the overall beauty, it’s still gorgeous. Remember when we wanted to get their relatively early so there wouldn’t be a line? Well we were definitely wrong. The line to get tickets to go inside was huge. It even wrapped around the building. And if you knew me you know how much I hate waiting in lines. Anything that slightly resembles the insanity of waiting in a DMV will make me want to keel over.

So instead of joining the slow, 800-person conga line, my friends and I decided to enjoy the beauty of the Sagrada Familia from the outside perimeters. Sure beats the DMV.

And all that worrying about whether or not to get in line made us hungry. In Spain, you’re not very far from food. Turn in any direction and there’s a small restaurant offering delicious, fresh food and strong cafe con leche.


We spotted a cafe close to the Sagrada and plopped ourselves down at a table with the best view of Gaudi’s work. As you can see in the picture, I am being super enthusiastic about what’s on the menu. Food is my speciality. And it was lunch time. Well, it actually probably wasn’t. But in Spain, every few hours is lunch time. So with that being said,

I will have the octopus in tomato sauce with a cafe con leche, por favor.

Does this picture scare you at all? Well it shouldn’t because it’s delicious and delectable. Mini octopus straight from the sea not too many days/hours ago based in peppers, onions and tomato and slow cooked to a juicy tenderness.

I wish Spanish tapas weren’t served in such small portions – I would have eaten the whole thing if it was brought out to me in a giant vat. But all in all, it was a beautiful day and I was with good company, and an amazing architect behind me.


Happy Eating!

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