Weekend Whereabouts 4.15.12

Despite the random bursts of downpour in Chicago, this weekend was a great one. The weather was perfect and just how I like it – cloudy at 60′s. No, I’m not a zombie or a vampire, although that would be very cool. I just prefer cloudy over sunny weather. It’s also probably better for me too I have a bad habit of breaking or losing my sunglasses and even forgetting that someone invented sunscreen. So I pretty much grew up absorbing UV rays and squinting directly at the sun my entire life. Cloudy weather helps me live longer before my eyes fall out of their sockets and my skin turns a crispy, leathery brown. The weekend was jam packed, I..

  • ¬†attended the Chicago International Movie and Music festival
  • found some new favorite restaurants and bars in the city
  • volunteered at a bakery
  • cleaned my entire apartment
  • made some caramel popcorn with my air popper
  • baked some bread
  • my favorite activity (next to eating) – people watching!

Saturday was perfectly cloudy, so I decided that before going to watch the next movie screening, I was going to indulge myself in one of my favorite activities. And Navy Pier was just the place to do it. It’s always crowded with all walks of life. Teenagers, families, couples, pets, you name it. I convinced one of my friends to meet me downtown and took the walk towards the giant ferris wheel on Lake Michigan.

After stopping by the funnel cake booth, we plopped ourselves at a bench on the end of the pier and took in the sights and conversations of anything around us. If people watching was a professional career, I’d be all over it. I could stay in one busy spot for hours and just enjoy people walking past me.

Just as I expected, the sky was slowly getting heavy and dark. Even the seagulls were warning us about the weather when they weren’t trying to snatch at our funnel cake. (Don’t worry they didn’t get any). So after a short while we decided to catch the film screening before the rain caught us. I figured I need to come back soon to continue what I came there for. Once summer comes around, I’ll be back with my ears perked and a pair of sunglasses… ears perked and squinting eyes.

Hope you had a great weekend!

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