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  • SagradaFamilia6

    La Sagrada Familia and Tapas

    How to avoid the lines in Barcelona? Skip them all together and find a place to eat!

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  • paella6

    Bosque Palermo’s Paella – First Love

    I had the best paella experience here - and 3 Euro bottles of house wine. Winning.

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  • ButtonEarrings4

    New Fabric Button Earrings now on Etsy

    My new line of fabric button earrings is now for sale on Etsy!

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  • IMG_7042

    Remembering Barcelona

    Being back for a good month now. It’s hard to think that I was back in a different country just a few weeks prior. Then when I look through pictures I get nostalgic. This is the new mall in the city of Barcelona. It’s beautiful...

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  • BarcelonaUniversity4

    Barcelona University

    Going to Barcelona to visit a school? What was I thinking!

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  • NoKnead3

    No Knead Bread

    I was really scared of using yeast to bake until I found this recipe. So simple and delicious!

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  • FirstBarcelona5

    Getting Lost in Barcelona

    My first day in Barcelona with my friends. Which way do I go?

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  • FlyingBarcelona4

    I’m Back!

    There’s really nothing better than looking out of an airplane and watching the sunset.  I’m being serious. Don’t lie to yourself. Being above the clouds is one of the best feelings ever. This was the sunset the night my friends and I were flying from...

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  • Spain_Barcelona_LaSagrada_Spires

    I’m Traveling!

    Traveling to Barcelona followed by Marrakech to start off the new year!

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  • FriendsGiving1

    A Full Friendsgiving

    My favorite time of the year is here. What better way to spend it with friends for a Friendsgiving feast!

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